see how the elementi now MT35 Motorised curtain poles can transform your living room ambience

We believe curtain poles are more than just functional items, they are essential elements in home decor.

The living room should be all about comfort and elegance. It’s where we relax after a busy day and also where we welcome friends into our home, showcasing our own unique sense of personal style. As such an important space it deserves special consideration. And that's where the Elementi MT35 Now Collection comes in — a simple and stylish window furnishing solution that compliments a contemporary minimalist lifestyle and elevates the look of any room.

In the following images and videos you will see how Elementi Now MT35 Motorised Curtain Poles effortlessly blend into the living room and create the perfect ambience.



At Elementi Powered we believe that curtain poles are more than just functional items — they are essential elements in home decor, shaping the overall styling and atmosphere of your living space. Let’s have a closer look.

Transform your living room decor with Elementi MT35 Motorised Built-in Wave Curtain Poles

Decorative features – finials and colors

Creating the perfect living room ambience involves careful attention to details like color and finial choice. Elementi Now Collection sets are designed with convenience in mind, combining three pole colours with six simple and exquisitely styled finial designs.

Explore them all below to discover your ideal combination.

For more product details, please refer to the product pages of our MT35 built-in Now collection.

The perfect fixing – flexible bracket solutions

Creating the perfect window furnishing solution requires flexible mounting options. At Elementi, we have carefully designed our built-in motorised curtain pole system to be adaptable, allowing easy installation to both walls and ceilings. The Now MT35 Built-in Motorised Pole Collection offers a range of bracket choices that include 2 wall bracket systems and 2 ceiling fix bracket systems.

  • Concealed Bracket: Virtually invisible from the front with neatly concealed fixings.
  • Round Profile single wall bracket: Ideal to compliment the look of the MT35 pole. It features completely concealed fixings and gives a clean and unified aesthetic to add value in any window furnishing project.
  • Ceiling bracket: An almost invisible ceiling fixing that still allows the use of cap finial end treatments.
  • Round profile ceiling bracket: Ideal for simple ceiling fixing and a unified aesthetic with the pole, whilst allowing a greater choice of end finials.

The fundamental element - motors

Elementi offers a diverse selection of motor adaptors to cater to your specific needs, ensuring a smooth and reliable curtain operation. The MotionBlinds motor is one of the most popular to fit our pole system, but we are flexible if you prefer to use your own source too - there are other adapters available for mass users upon request.

MotionBlinds motor is the selected motor for Now Collection with following features:

Intermediate Position✔️
Manual Override✔️
Touch Motion✔️
Automatic Limits on End Stop✔️
Speed Control & Adjustment✔️
Motor direction change✔️
Factory reset✔️
LED indicators✔️
Remote control✔️
App control✔️
Pull control✔️
Bluetooth connection✔️
USB C rechargeable✔️
Power supplyBattery, DC

The concept behind Elementi decorative built-in motorized poles

By including a compact rear-driven patented motor design, the motor is effortlessly concealed, allowing the curtain to be shown to best effect and be complimented by a stunning choice of finials. The carefully engineered bracket system ensures any method of fitting can be accomplished with ease.

The built-in motorisation system can convert a hand-operated Elementi decorative curtain pole into a motorised curtain pole by fitting the driving system inside the pole itself.

In 2019, we developed the first fully rear-driven and built-in motorised curtain pole design in the market.

The MT35 Built-in Motorised Poles are designed by the UK designer Neil Harrison.

How elementi Can Help

Choose from two convenient point-of-sale units to showcase your Elementi poles:

Setting the standard in versatile retail display solutions, we present the 3-pole display unit. A beautifully efficient way to display our poles to customers.
It is convenient for table top use, allowing several presenters to be shown together. Units may also be wall hung for a striking interior display.

A. Table / wall display to highlight the aesthetic look of the poles

Our new-to-market offer includes a compact-design display unit which is immediately available for you to try the product with your own motor.
Assembly is simple with full instructions provided, please see the unit presentation on YouTube:

B. Fully functioning pole sample – the pole is complete with curtain and easily assembled knock-down frame in its own re-shippable plastic box, just add a Coulisse motor.

For more details please refer to our catalog page to find the information you require.

Catalog page for information:

If you have specific enquiries, contact us and we will refer you to our local partners in your area:

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