Heimtextil 2023 conference summary review

Before heading to Heimtextil 2024, review what we have in 2023

With the coming of 2024, elementi is thrilled to attending Heimtextil 2024. Before we reveal the latest information on Heimtextil 2024, let's briefly review again the conference details of Heimtextil 2023 to see what we have achieved until now.

Heimtextil 2023, a Transformative Event In The World of Home Textiles

Heimtextil 2023 states it promises to be an influential event in the world of home textiles. It underlines the important role to sensory experiences and sustainability in this industry.

It emphasizes the importance of engaging our senses, expanding our imagination, and embracing sustainability in the real designs of home textiles.

The Recovery of Exhibition Industry

Transitioning to the state of the exhibition industry, there were challenges during the pandemic. In 2020 and 2021, the industry encountered substantial losses, with revenues dropping. This period was marked by uncertainty and suffering as exhibitions were canceled or postponed, impacting businesses, workers, and economies around the world.

However, there has been a remarkable turnaround since April 2022. Turnover has tripled compared to the previous year, and international participation remains strong. Heimtextil 2023 can't wait to host representatives from 130 to 180 nations.

Focus on Sustainability

Sustainability emerges as a central theme in Heimtextil. 
It reflects the growing awareness of its importance within the textile industry. The urgency to address environmental concerns is emphasized, with a visionary goal set for 2050: achieving a net-zero carbon event industry.

Certain steps are being taken in this direction like the sustainability board and the sustainable governance code are introduced. It is a signal of commitment to sustainability at all levels of the industry.

Panel Discussion on Sustainability

In the panel discussion, which focuses on sustainability, and regenerative design within the textile industry. It highlights the complicated nature of supply chains. Circularity is presented as a solution to minimize damage and waste.

Furthermore, there are showcases the innovative efforts to make sustainability in facts.

Audience Engagement and Trend Tours

At the last, Heimtextil 2023 encourages audience engagement through discussions and trend tours at the event. Heimtextil 2023 information is also to be provided with various highlights and encourage people to be involved in the ongoing sustainability dialogue.

For more information, please refer to the Heimtextil 2023 conference video as below.

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