Heimtextil and Trends in Years

Heimtextil, the greatest platform for showcasing trends in home and contract textiles, interior design, and lifestyle.

From January 9 to 12, 2024, the world will converge at Heimtextil, the premier global trade fair for textiles and relative designs.

As the industry leader, Heimtextil not only showcases the latest trends but also serves as a map for market changes, with a particular focus on the megatrends of sustainability and healthy sleep.

After a series of pandemic influences, a summer special in June 2022 to keep the textile world connected. In 2023, Heimtextil return to our traditional January schedule. Once again, put in place of the Frankfurt fair year, reaffirming its position as the vanguard of textile exhibitions.

Before we head into Heimtextil 2024 and its fascinating trends of the years, let's take a moment at the details of this crucial event.

Guided trend research

At Heimtextil, a specialized program called Interior.Architecture.Hospitality, forms a crucial part of the event. Throughout the four days of the fair, attendees have the opportunity to participate in enlightening lectures and guided tours. A new feature is the combination of TALKS & TOURS, which is not just about observing trends; it's about actively engaging with them, and gaining insights that can transform your business.




Digital material database

Since its inception in 2020, this digital material library has been a beacon of inspiration, accessible online anytime, anywhere. Now, visitors will have this unique opportunity to witness the latest textiles curated exclusively for the current edition. At Heimtextil, the Interior.Architecture.Hospitality LIBRARY is your gateway to exploring the materials that will define the interior design landscape.

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Heimtextil Trends of Years

At Heimtextil, they take trendsetting seriously. Their dedicated team of international design scours the landscape of each season, carefully identifying the most profound and impactful global trends. These trends serve as the guiding light for the textile industry, shaping the future of interior design and decoration.

Trends 23/24 - Discover the Textiles Matter themes

Heimtextil embarks on a journey through circularity with four distinct routes. 'Make and Remake' challenges visitors to reimagine the technical cycle, showcasing the beauty of reclaimed and remade textiles that breathe new life into existing materials. 'Continuous' reveals on approaches to closing the loop, featuring zero-waste textile regeneration and sustainable product life cycles. 'From Earth' presents textile designs that reconnect us with nature, exploring traditional natural fibers and dyes. Lastly, 'Nature Engineered' unveils the cooperation between nature and engineering, creating textiles and materials that are intelligent, functional, and eco-conscious.

Trends 22/23 - Next Horizons

In the world of creation, long-term thinking is the key to accessing, making, and recirculating products, from everyday lifestyle items to essential sustenance like food. The method of regenerative agriculture uses waste from one crop or animal as a livelihood to the next. Regenerative agriculture, for instance, transforms waste from one crop or animal into a valuable resource for the next in a beautifully interconnected cycle. The thinking behind these examples shows how Next Horizons can create redefined spheres in the future. The Heimtextil Trends 22/23 include Deep Nature, Hyper Nature, Beyond Identity and Empowered Identity, which explore the new mindsets for Next Horizons.

Trends 21/22 - Nothing New, Everything New

In the realm of lifestyle, the frequently asked question has always been, 'What's new this season?' The seeking of refreshing and cultural evolution has long driven the lifestyle product industry. However, a fresh perspective on 'new' is emerging as the industry shifts towards sustainable products and eco-conscious manufacturing.

Trends 20/21- Where I belong

'Where I Belong' reminds us that one size does not fit all. In the exploration of Heimtextil’s multifaceted identities, Stijlinstituut Amsterdam collaborated with four design studios and two photographers to unveil the essence of each theme. Each creative was carefully matched with a theme that embraced their unique concept, practice, and approach, allowing them to contribute the concepts with a personal and deep-real touch.

Conclusion but not the end

Looking at the differences in Heimtextil Trend from year to year, we can see the themes move from unique and distinguishing aims to putting efforts into the surrounding environment and sustainable living, especially after the influential impact of the pandemic.

There are already signs of great interest in Heimtextil – with over 2,400 exhibitors hailing from 55 countries already registered, and an equally international audience expected, Heimtextil remains the greatest platform for showcasing trends in home and contract textiles, interior design, and lifestyle.

The Textile theme world connects interior architects, architects and designers, addresses the needs of hotels, the contract sector and the furnishing industry, and ranges from fabrics to carpets and wallpapers.

Textiles presents as one of the most versatile materials, adaptable to limitless kinds of applications. Heimtextil continues to offer a unique opportunity to keep track of trends and developments, innovations and tendencies, offers plenty of space for networking and provides information with an extensive complementary programme.

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